Merge Annotation Track Operator

Combine tracks to make a new one
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Version: 9.1.0

Categories: annotation, gene models

The IGB App Merge Annotation Track makes a new track by combining data from two or more selected tracks.

This is useful when you want to save space in the display. For example, you may have several biological replicates from an experiment. Merging data from the same sample type can make comparisons easier.

Once you install this App, IGB adds a new menu item to the Multi-Track section of the Operations section of the Annotation tab in IGB.

To run the operator:

  • Go to the Annotation tabbed panel.
  • Select two or more annotation tracks by SHIFT-clicking their track labels.

Note that the Multi-track Operations menu is now active.

  • Select Merge option to create a new track with data from the selected tracks.

Current Version : 9.1.0

Release Date : 25 Dec, 2019

Works with IGB [9.1,10)

To install and run this App, start IGB! Then come back and refresh this page.

App Version 9.1.0
Works with IGB [9.1,10)