Apps for IGB

From Loraine Lab and Community Contributors

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Name / Description / Author
App type

Command Socket

by Loraine Lab

Control IGB from the command line

Geometric Mean Graph Operator

by Loraine Lab

Create a geometric mean graph from selected graphs

Get Average Score

by Shamika Kulkarni, Loraine Lab

Average selected ChIP-Seq peak scores

Merge Annotation Track Operator

by Loraine Lab

Combine items from different tracks into one track. Works on annotation tracks.


by Arnaud Céol, Heiko Müller

Search and display molecular interactions


by Tarun Mall, John Eckstein, Nowlan Freese, Ann Loraine

Search InterPro and display motifs on gene models


by Arnaud Céol, Marco Masseroli

Identify and compare occurrences of (epi)genomics feature patterns in multiple genome browser tracks.

SNP File Converter

by Daniel Narmi, Nowlan Freese

Visualize genotype data in Integrated Genome Browser

Super Simple IGB App

by Loraine Lab

Demonstrates how Apps add menus to IGB