Get Average Score

Average selected ChIP-Seq peak scores
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Version: 0.0.1

App Description

This repository contains code for a simple IGB App that calculates average score for the selected items for a track in IGB. This App can specifically be used for calculating average scores for ChIP-seq tracks.

How do I run this app?

  1. Install Get Average Score app.
  2. Go back to IGB.
  3. Select a genome version in IGB. [You can use A. thaliana for demonstration]
  4. Select a track file from options available in Data Access. [For demonstration - You can use ChIP-seq for A. thaliana. To use this track, select on ChIP-seq in Data Access. Click on GNC PRJNA435725. Click on MACS2 peaks in the options available. Select GNC1 peaks]
  5. Click on Load data to load the track.
  6. Click and drag to select some items in the region for which you want to calculate the average score.
  7. Select Tools > Get Average Score to run the App. The average score will appear in the dialog box.

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  • Shamika Kulkarni - or

Current Version : 0.0.1

Release Date : 25 Dec, 2019

Works with IGB [9.1,10)

To install and run this App, start IGB! Then come back and refresh this page.

App Version 0.0.1
Works with IGB [9.1,10)