Geometric Mean Graph Operator

Create a geometric mean graph from selected graphs
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Version: 9.1.0

Categories: visual analytics

The Geometric Mean Graph Operator provides a graph operator for creating a geometric mean graph from multiple graphs.

To run the operator:

  1. Select two or more graph track labels while holding down the Shift key and selecting the appropriate track labels.
  2. Under the Graph tab, go to the Operations section.
  3. In the Multi-Graph dropdown menu, select the Geometric Mean option.
  4. Select Go to the right of the dropdown menu. A new graph track will be added with the geometric mean of the selected graphs.

Current Version : 9.1.0

Release Date : 25 Dec, 2019

Works with IGB 9.1.0+

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App Version 9.1.0
Works with IGB 9.1.0+