23andMe SNP Converter

Visualize genotype data in Integrated Genome Browser
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Version: 9.1.0

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The 23andMe SNP Converter re-formats 23andMe personal genotype results files to a BED-format file you can open and visualize in IGB.

Installing the Converter adds a new menu item to the IGB Tools menu.

To run the converter:

  1. In IGB, choose Tools and select 23andMe SNP Converter to open the converter window.
  2. In the converter window, select a 23andMe data file.
  3. Choose a folder where you'd like to save the converted file and enter a file name.
  4. Optional - Select convert to latest human genome build if you would like to view your data alongside the latest reference human genome and annotations.

About genome builds

Older data files from 23andMe reference the 2008 version of the reference human genome, also called "build 37" or hg37. In 2013, a newer version was released called "build 38" or hg38. If your data file references hg37, select Use reference to upgrade to convert your data to hg38. Note this will add extra time to the conversion process.


UNC Charlotte graduate student Daniel Narmi developed the 23andMe SNP Converter with NSF Postdoctoral Fellow Nowlan Freese. IGB lead developer David Norris supplied technical, scientific, and design advice.

Current Version : 9.1.0

Release Date : 24 Dec, 2019

Works with IGB 9.1.0+

To install and run this App, start IGB! Then come back and refresh this page.

App Version 9.1.0
Works with IGB 9.1.0+