About Integrated Genome Browser App Store

Integrated Genome Browser (IGB) is a fast, flexible, and free desktop genome browser implemented in the Java programming language. IGB has hundreds of features, notably super-fast zooming and beautiful, highly interactive graphics.

IGB is also a platform for developers to experiment with new ways of visualizing genomic data. By developed IGB Apps, developers can create new features for IGB without needing to change the IGB code itself. Inspired by the Cytoscape project, we developed this IGB App Store for developers to distribute new IGB Apps and to help users find and install them.

How to cite IGB

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Integrated genome browser: visual analytics platform for genomics
by Nowlan H. Freese, David C. Norris, and Ann E. Loraine
Bioinformatics. Jul 15;32(14):2089-95.